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Highest Quality Design in the Industry

Our opal jewelry is hand made using eco friendly and recycled materials to create an unparelleled level of quality, design, durability and consistency.

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Dedicated Customer Service

We believe after quality service is everything. We'll support you to make sure your 100% informed during your shopping experience so that there are no surprises upon receiving your unset opal or opal jewelry. We are available 24/6 via live chat, email or phone support giving you confidence to shop.

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Lifetime Guarantee

Opal by Anderson-Beattie will repair any product resulting from a defect in workmanship for the life of the product... Guaranteed!


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Authenticity Certified by Gemmologists

Every Unset Opal and piece of Opal Jewelry comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Sir Rod Beattie who graduated through the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA) in 1979.

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Custom Design

Leverage our design and manufacturing team with your next dream piece of opal jewelry. We can create a complete custom design for your new opal from start to finish in around 2-3 weeks to suit your budget and style.


About Opal by Anderson Beattie

about Opal

Opal by Anderson Beattie is the leading purveyor of the finest opal jewelry in the world. We specialize in producing handmade and custom designed opal jewelry to suit the unique characteristics of each individual gemstone.

Our opal jewelry line is based on 6 decades of industry expertise in every aspect of bringing these designs to you. Our commitment to ensuring the finest product reaches you starts at the opal mine and continues through the complete process, including cutting, designing, manufacturing, opal photography and distribution.


Rod's story

Master Gemstone Cutter

Sir Rodney Beattie graduated in 1966 from Queensland University in civil engineering studies and served six years in the Army Reserve. In 1976 he graduated civil engineering from Queensland Institute of Technology and Darling Downs Institute of Technology. In 1977 he began studying gemology through the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA). He graduated after two years study and became a Fellow of the Gemmological Association (FGAA). He has since lectured to future gemmological students and operated the gem testing service for the Queensland branch of the GAA.

An invitation to South East Asia in 1989 led to consultancy positions at a variety of mining projects in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos, including the establishment of a gem cutting school in Vietnam. Having experienced the superior cutting skills in Thailand, Rod began a lifelong love affair with the region.

In 1995, Rod was appointed manager of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s cemeteries in Thailand and later became the project manager of the Australian government affiliated Hellfire Pass memorial. In 2003, Rod designed and built a private museum and research centre in Kanchanaburi, Thailand to provide a factual account of the building of the ‘Death Railway’. 

In 2010, as a result of his work for Allied POWs, he was knighted by the Dutch Queen. This was followed in 2012 by the Order of Australia Medal. In 2013, Rod was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by HM Queen Elizabeth.

Every single piece of our opal has been sourced and cut by Sir Rodney and is issued with a personalized certificate of authenticity.


Trent's story


Bringing together the finest sources of gemstones, locating the best cutters, the most talented designers and the highest quality manufacturers is no easy task. There is a certain expertise required to make a project such as this one come to fruition. Being able to spot that 'once in a lifetime' opportunity requires more than a deep love and understanding of the gemstones themselves. It requires an entrepreneuring spirit that is committed to excellence with aspirations to raise industry standards. For over a decade, Trent Anderson has been doing exactly that.

Trent's passion for gemstones began in Chanthaburi, Thailand, one of the world's major gem cutting centers. It was there that he began working with internationally renown ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, spinel and Alexandrite experts, learning the trade at the elbow of the largest buyer of rough material from the mines of Eastern Africa. His professional interests would later broaden to the rarest and most exotic gemstones from as far afield as Burma, Tajikistan, Madagascar and Tanzania.

As Trent's depth of knowledge of precious stones increased over the years, so did his many contacts within the industry. He acquired access to exceptional gemstones and invitations to work amongst the top gemologists, putting him in the unique position of having the most talented and experienced professionals at his fingertips.

Over the years, his businesses grew and diversified in direct relation to his enthusiasm for creating unique products. Rainbow Sapphire Jewelers pioneered the concept of sapphire gradation with gemstones from 24 different mines across the globe; Herkimer Diamond Quartz was conceived from his interest in the rare and exotic mineral and offers a unique line of handmade jewelry and crafted crystals; BKK Gemstones developed out of his love for creating niche settings and unusual designs in fine jewelry for rubies, sapphire and diamonds; Tsavorite Green Garnet exclusively showcases the uncommon beauty of this hard to obtain gemstone from Madagascar.

With the launch of Anderson-Beattie begins a unique opportunity. For one special moment in time, Trent has brought together the very best of every aspect of the trade – the finest opal, cut by the most skilled cutters and designed by the most talented artists in the field. Anderson-Beattie is providing a once in a lifetime moment when the best of the best unite to produce a unique line of jewelry that will be cherished for your lifetime and beyond.