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Lifetime Guarantee

As the trusted leader in high quality unset opal and fine opal jewelry we offer:

  • Lifetime guarantee on all opal jewelry purchased through our website.
  • Certificate of Authenticity for every unset opal and fine opal jewelry.
  • Insured express shipping worldwide to guarantee safe delivery of every item.
  • Easy warranty service with 24/6 phone, email & live chat support.
  • 60 Years combined Opal experience so you know your dealing with industry professionals.

Create One of a Kind Opal Jewelry

Opal gemstones are among the most unique jewels in the world. They shine and glimmer with every color of the spectrum, and no two opals are alike. Back in the Middle Ages, opal jewelry was thought to bring great luck to its wearer because opal possesses the virtues of every color gemstone contained within. Of course, whether you believe the legend or not, we're sure that you will feel lucky every time you wear your new opal stone from Opal by Anderson Beattie.

Our company is proud to offer the only site in the world that lets you choose the exact opal stone that you want and the setting you'd like it placed in. Customize your ideal opal earrings, opal rings, or opal pendants in as few as three simple clicks. Every opal has its own unique character, which is why we believe it is important that our customers have the opportunity to pick the perfect natural opal for them. We take great pride in delivering high quality jewelry that you can wear and love for a lifetime. To start simply click the type of opal you prefer, Select Your Design and Checkout! It happens within a few clicks. 

The Perfect Opal, The Perfect Cut

Our opals are expertly cut by our Principal Master Opal Cutter, Sir Rodney Beattie. Rodney has nearly fifty years of experience cutting the finest Australian opal on the market. He specializes in all types of solid opal, including black opal, boulder opal, crystal opal, opal doublets and white opal. Whatever look you're hoping to achieve -- whether you want silver opal rings you can wear every day or dazzling opal bracelets for life's special occasions -- Sir Rodney Beattie and our team can create a one of a kind piece of opal jewelry that you will treasure for generations to come.

Find the Opal Jewelry of Your Dreams

Gaze through our wide selection of high-quality opals and find the one that catches your eye. Perhaps it will hold the colors that mean most to you. Maybe it will have a shape and glow that you can't take your eyes off of. Maybe it will remind you of the sparkling ocean or of a blazing sunset. Once you've found the perfect stone, choose the setting that will compliment it best. We offer bands, earrings, bracelets, and more that range from simple and understated to luxurious and elegant. Create a piece of jewelry you can wear every day or a special piece that you will hand down to your daughter on her wedding day. With an Australian opal from Opal by Anderson Beattie, anything is possible.

Quality Service for Quality Gems

The story doesn't end when you choose a piece of opal jewelry for yourself or your loved one. At Opal by Anderson Beattie, we provide our loyal customers with 24/6 support. We'll keep you up to date on the shipment of your jewelry - which we will send in stunning packaging suited to such beautiful jewelry - and we will be there to help you in any way we can if a problem should arise. We also offer a lifetime warranty on all of our jewelry, and we're happy to ship our opal stones anywhere in the world free of charge.


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