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At Opal by Anderson Beattie, we truly believe in full disclosure and accurately representing our products in the finest possible manner. When you receive your Opal or Opal Jewelry, you should expect it to look exactly like we portray it right here on our website. We know it’s not always easy to shop online and an opal is a difficult stone to buy online, as an opal is a very personal gemstone that needs to be held in ones hand to truly see the opal's color play. That’s why we have gone the extra mile to take such amazing opal gemstone and opal jewelry photography and videography.

All of our opals and opal jewelry have been photographed in a custom made studio using the highest quality digital equipment known to man. We shoot using natural daylight conditions that would best be described as viewing the opal in natural daylight outside on a sunny day.

Our photography has been taken at approximately 15x magnification, so please be sure to note the millimeter (mm) and inch measurements on each individual listing to get an accurate idea of the size of each opal or piece of opal jewelry. The conversion is 25 milimetres is 1 inch. 

To best see what your opal is going to look like once it’s in your hand, we have taken the time to video each individual Opal and piece of Opal Jewelry using our custom built opal video studio. Never before has anyone been able to truly capture the beauty of an opal like we have perfected of recently. Take advantage of this feature on our website and browse each opal video to see what color play each opal is expressing. As you see from the image below the video tab is below the images and can be found on the right, its simple just click on the VIDEO TAB and presto. Click play... 

We are very lucky here at Opal by Anderson Beattie in having Thailand's premium gemstone and jewelry photographer Mr. Adisorn work on this project with us. Mr. Adisorn is world renowned for his gemstone photography and we have had the priveldge of working with him for around 7 years now. To get this project 100% right Mr. Adisorn built 2 new studio's and purchased new camera's to undertake this task. This kind of photography and videography I think you will agree is world class and about as accurate as one can hope to achieve. 

Please note that white lights you see in some photos and videos are not UFO's, they are in fact the reflection from the concave surface of the opal and are our lighting.

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